Sunday, April 27, 2014

Et miniatyrlig funn!

OMG! My family and I went to a flee-market this weekend, and guess what; I got an original Lundby dollhouse from 1960-1970 for 100 NOK!
I was so exited I smiled all the way home with my house safely in the back of the car. The house is all made of wood, compared to the Lundby-houses produced today which are made in plastic. Together with the house followed a box of furniture, it was like Christmas day pulling out one piece after the other. Although the house and furniture are in 1:18 scale, it's possible to use a couple of the tables in my 1:12 dollhouse.

The original catalogue for the house-
I found this picture on the internet.

The house is not in mint condition and several furniture and accessories are missing, but still- it's a vintage beauty.
And would you believe this; some of the electricity still works!

The box of furniture contained a vintage Rocket lamp!
How cool is that..??

Beautiful functionalist-type fireplace.
Love the wood carrier and the wall-lamp!

I believe this is a replica of a well-known chair from the 60's.

This was all the kitchen furniture that followed the house.
Check out the wooden formica table!

Time typical stairs, although some of the steps are missing.
It's not a big deal- they are easy to replace.

The cutest radio!! My parents have one of these at home in real life, and it's a typical radio from the 50's.

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  1. I have the kitchen chairs. The human sized versions. :)