Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Porch finished!

Finally.... The porch is finished!

I have been working on the exterior of my house and here is the preliminary result. I guess I will do some more accurate decorating later on; a shelf on the wall, a doorbell maybe, a picture above the door... but that will have to wait;)

The doormat is made very easily by cutting out a piece of striped fabric (I don't know the exact english word, but in norwegian it's "striestoff"). All the exterior windows and door has been sanded to achieve the worn look. I also changed the exterior walls completely, the walls were originally painted in a glossy yellow from the factory that didn't look "real" at all. I painted the walls in three layers of white gesso, which gave a very nice cement texture before adding a grey/brown wash on top.

I made the crochet purse myself (as seen in "Crochet purse in bedroom") and the bread is made of Fimo. The vases with flowers were originally brown/green, I covered them with white primer and sanded them slightly. The flowers are basic scrapbooking material I guess you will find in every hobby store (in Norway Panduro).

I replaced the door handles to a pair more similar to the ones in real life. The ones that originally came with the house were simple cupboard handles. I also painted these white, they were originally brass. I can't stand brass..! 

I made a very quick bench with a couple of shelf holders and cut small pieces of wood on top. I painted them in a grey wash before gluing them in place. This porch is a very narrow one, but I really wanted a place to rest and have a drink and enjoy fresh bakery from the kitchen inside.. (which is a mess as we speak, by the way:) I made the crochet basket with raisin buns, soaked it in a glue/water mix to create the shape.

I think the owl adds a bit of humor to the decoration.. Have no idea were it's originally from, I just picked it up among my stuff just before the photo shoot.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the peek! If I should add anything, I could tell you it was a hell of a job carrying the entire house out in the garden to take the pictures..!! :) But I really do think that pictures taken outdoors creates the best setting for a shoot, the mood gets best with natural light.

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