Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A total makeover!

During my maternity period I travelled a lot up north to visit my parents. After being inspired by other miniaturists on the internet, I finally got the courage to make my old Lundby-inspired dollhouse into a 1:12 scale cottage. So, this is what I've been working on for a couple of hours now and then; a total transformation of my childhood dollhouse! And I'm not done yet...

This is the house where it all started, I guess! My dear grandmother gave it to me for my 6th birthday, and it was handmade by a craftsman inspired by the familiar Lundby-house. I could sit for hours and hours and rearrange the furniture, picturing how it would be like to live there. So this house evokes fond memories and reminds me of a time where the imagination and the hours to play had no limits.. Sigh:)

The first thing I did, was to tear down the wall between the old kitchen and bathroom in the first floor to get enough room for a new kitchen - and this is the room I've been working on for now. The things you see in the room are a mix between old and new, something borrowed and something blue:) When I first started out as a sort of a newbie to this hobby, I thought a scene like this was made in a couple of days... Now I know it's like a puzzle with tiny pieces you have to go search for over a long period of time. And some pieces turns out not to fit at all in the end, and some has to be adjusted or made from scratch before they find their place. I guess it's a lot like interior making and decorating in real life; when you think you're done you always find something to improve... But for now, the summer vacation up north is almost over and this kitchen is as good as it gets! Welcome home!:)

The cute little bags of pasta and cabbage was a gift from Christel when I visited her earlier this month- thank you Christel:)


  1. Hi Lise, It's a very cosy kitchen. Love these pictures :)

  2. I love what you have done with this little kitchen! It has so much freshness and life. I love the sink and the light streaming through the lace curtains. It is also a treat that you have been able to re-purpose you doll's house that your grandmother gave you and thus keep her memory alive within these delightful walls. Well done! :D