Saturday, July 12, 2014

Last mini supper

... at least for this night!

Want to share some wine and bread..? :)
I am on summer holiday with family in the north of Norway, and have enjoyed some extraordinary warm and beautiful summer days here. This night the light from the midnight sun is absolutely gorgeous, so I just had to jump off to the shoreline to get some mini pics!

I was in a hurry to catch the magical midnight light, so all I brought was bread and wine. And roses of course, and some sort of old pink crochet cloth I found in my grandmothers attic. Perhaps the roses are too big and make the bottle look too small, but I don't mind- I had some great fun shooting this scene anyway.

Wine and bread, what else do you really need? Wine glasses..?! Hell, no! We're at the seaside of north of Norway, in the middle of the night- we'll drink from the bottle..! Didn't the Vikings do that as well?

(The truth is I haven't managed to get some nice miniature wine glasses yet..)

A very good summer night to my readers- I really appreciate that you're dropping by:-)

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  1. Again great pictures, look so real and view is breath taking